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The Open Graphics Project

# The Open Graphics Project


The Open Graphics Project (OGP) is developing graphics cards with Free-licensed specifications and Free Software drivers.

We believe you have the right to own your computer and get the graphics you deserve. You paid for it. You should be free to innovate and to run the system you choose.

Currently your graphics are often restricted. Unless you are bigger than Dell they are uninterested in what you want to do. You are enslaved to their bugs and restrictions. Yet these restrictions are what a company in another part of the world arbitrarily chose to apply to you. Want to change the world? You will need permission first.

The Open Graphics Project believes innovation and freedom is important.

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Recursos comunitAV

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    Cambiar la extension de .ODS a .ZIP y descomprimir el contenido en una carpeta.

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    Presentació a Telenoika: https://vimeo.com/117961054

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    sc3 plugins
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