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  • Convocatoria Live Cinema Festival 2020

    Call to partecipate to LCF2020 Rome is out!
    LCF2020 from Sunday 11 to Wednesday 14 October, will host a special section dedicated to Italian artists: Live Cinema Made in Italy.
    4 Performances will be selected!
    Send us your project to
    Don’t waste time, sing up!
    Registration are open until 30 September !
    "See the sound, listen to the images."
    More info on

    Live Cinema Festival 2020
  • Convocatòria Ingràvid 2014

    Del 10 de març al 15 de maig 2014 obrim una convocatòria per a creadors multidisciplinars i investigadors, investigadors socials, filòsofs o altres cièntifics, o qualsevol altre persona relacionada amb el món de la investigació, el pensament i la creació contemporània.
    La dotació per a cada projecte es de 1.000 €

    Aquesta és una coproducció entre Ingràvidi l’Ars Santa Mònica

    Bases convocatòria per a creadors multidisciplinars. Ingràvid 2014

  • Convocatòria Punto y Raya Junior, fins el 15 ago 2012


    Convocatòria punto y raya junior


    El Festival més abstracte del món, el Punto y Raya, presenta la primera edició del Festival per a nens de 6 a 12 anys, que es celebrarà al CCCB de Barcelona el 10 i 11 de novembre de 2012.


    Convocatòria AUDIOVISUAL: curtmetratges abstractes de tècnica lliure que explorin punts i línies en diversos contextos. La durada màxima és 6 minuts i la banda sonora no pot contenir paraules articulades. veure bases
    Convocatòria FOTOGRÀFICA: fotografies abstractes de tècnica i format lliures que explorin punts i línies en diversos contextos. veure bases

    La inscripció és gratuïta i pot fer en línia. Data límit: 30 setembre 2012

  • Mapping Festival : Convocatòris fins 15 març !

    mappingLine Up – Mapping Festival 2012 online:

    Thursday, March 15th!



    Mapping Festival 10-20 May 2012 Geneva #

  • Deadline KERNEL 2012 : fins el 30 abr / Desio Italy


  • Residencia Creativa Roots&Routes : 2-13 mai 2011 / Mercat de les flors
  • Art by Chance // Call 4 Submission

    • ART BY CHANCE (ABC) is an ultra short film festival aiming to bring together promising artists and large audiences living in major cities all around the world.

    • Participant(s) who fill this form have read and agreed to ABC regulations.
    • ABC Ultra Short Film Festival will take place in May 2011.
    • ABC entries will be broadcasted through advertising networks mainly located within urban transportation, airports shopping malls universities, galleries and also in film festivals and summer festivals as a selection
    • ABC is a sponsored event and screenings will take place with the support of both local and global sponsors.

    • In order to participate in ART BY CHANCE, movies must be sent before the 8 April 2011.
    • Festival reserves the right to extend the deadline for submissions.

    +INFO ::

  • Convocatoria Kernel Festival /011 : jul 2011 / Desio, IT

    Applying to the open calls, you will have the opportunity to showcase your project or your performance next to reknown international artists, being part of the Festival program. If you are selected, room, board and travel expenses will be covered by the organization. You will also have the opportunity to participate, free of charge, in one of the workshops scheduled and live the Festival alongside other young talents who share your same passion.

    Electronic Sound & Music >
    Audiovisual Mapping >
    Interactive & Digital Art >
    Temporary Architecture >


  • Desvisualizar: Convocatoria para proyectos


    · En esta etapa del grupo Cuerpo Común queremos plantear el desarrollo de proyectos relacionados con la Desvisualización de la realidad como estrategia de resistencia ante una sociedad del control, la visualización y el cartografiado permanente.

    Se seleccionarán 5 proyectos para presentar y desarrollar durante el 2011. Dependiendo de los trabajos seleccionados se preparará un calendario de las presentaciones de los mismos.

    Los proyectos pueden ser de producción tecnológica, producción artística, producción teórica, activismo y trabajo social.

    Fecha límite de presentación de proyectos :: 30 marzo, 2011

    > Información de Desvisualizar


  • Live Performers Meeting : 19-22 mai 2011 / Roma

    Telenoika col·labora amb LPM 2011 en el comisariat i selecció de treballs audiovisuals en la secció de Mapping.

    Project PDF
    Concept PDF
    Call for Artists PDF


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  • Prague Call for Participation | Deadline 22|2|2011


     ENTER: DATAPOLIS (April 14-17, 2011) is the 5th art | tech biennale held in
    Prague, Czech Republic, organized by CIANT.

    +INFO ::

    Exhibitions | Performances | Lectures | Debates | Workshops | Screenings

    is a call for theory and practice based proposals addressing

    emerging interactions of media technologies, novel visualization practices
    and urban realities.

    Let us discover the moods and the rhythms of our cities, bodies and planet
    and innovatively mash both visible and invisible data that re-present
    individual and collective lives and actions.

    Keywords: data, city, communities, mapping, social, geographical,

    economical, political, sentient, ambient, mobile, ubiquitous, embedded
    intelligence, architecture, furniture, clothes, quantified selves, body &
    environment monitoring, robotic systems, trash, transport, pollution, open
    innovation & design

    Submission deadline for artworks, papers, posters: 22|2|2011

    Submit via::
  • Call for Projects and Papers VISUALIZAR'11. Understanding Infrastructures · Medialab-Prado (Madrid)


    Call for Projects and Papers

    *Deadline: March 21, 2011*
    *Call for collaborators: April 11, 2011*
    *Dates of the workshop: June 14 through July 1, 2011*

    Medialab-Prado and EOI Business School call for projects and papers that
    will investigate, analyze and represent through data the running of
    infrastractures and global systems. Selected projects will be
    collaboratively developed during the Visualizar'11: Understanding
    infrastructures workshop, that will be held in Madrid from *June 16 to
    July 1, * *2011*.

    +INFO ::
  • Open Call, International Image Festival. Manizales Colombia


    International invitation which objective is to strengthen creation
    involving technology and to favor communication between technology
    developers and audiovisual creators. Similarly, it promotes production
    and exhibition of telematics collaborative development among designers,
    artists, engineers, communicators and interdisciplinary collectives,
    through works made on videographic,

    electronic or digital basis.

    *International Image Festival. No.10

    *April 12 - 16 / 2011 *MANIZALES / COLOMBIA

    The International Image Festival, conducted by the Department of Visual
    Design of Universidad de Caldas in Manizales (Colombia), is a meeting
    and debate space on issues related to electronic arts, digital
    audiovisual creation, digital and electro-acoustic sound, and rising
    relationships among art, design, science and technology through personal
    encounters, scientific and specialized seminars, national and
    international invitations, discussion forums, concerts, workshops,
    exhibitions and webcasts, among other activities.

    +INFO ::

  • Call 4 Entries // Punto y Raya Fest.


    Queridos amigos de Punto y Raya Festival,

    Es un placer informaros de que el 7 de febrero hemos lanzado nuestra tercera CONVOCATORIAinternacional dirigida a obras audiovisuales puntilíneas.

    La inscripción es gratuita y debe realizarse online antes del 4 de julio 2011 en nuestra nueva y flamante web 


  • Call 4 projects // EMYAN Online Arts Festival // DeadLine Feb 28 th.


    · Since its establishment, EMYAN Online Arts Festival advocates web 2.0 models of producing and sharing artistic creativity. And by showcasing the richness of artistic practices, it tries to strengthen cultural exchanges in the Euro-Med region.The use of internet tools has been in increase in our social and professional lives since new techniques were adapted to facilitate the use of social communications tools over the internet in general.

    · Web 2.0 is a term describing the trend in the use of World Wide Web technology and web design that aims to enhance creativity, information sharing, and, most notably, collaboration among users. These concepts have led to the development and evolution of web-based communities and hosted services, such as social-networking sites, wikis, blogs, and folksonomies.

    +INFO ::

    SUBMIT ::

    # Deadline for submitting your entries is February 28th, 2011.
    Before submitting your entries, kindly have a look at the rules and regulations of the festival.

  • Convocatòria dels Premis LÚMEN_EX 2011


    LÚMEN_EX 2011 se suma a las tendencias que apuestan por lo virtual como fuente artística de expresión y para ello ha establecido dos únicas modalidades: Minimaciones, o piezas de animación digital no interactivas con una duración inferior a 5 minutos; e Interactivos, como categoría a la que se pueden presentar obras virtuales que requieran la interacción con el usuario.

    BASES ::
    +INFO ::