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Has a dog Buddha-nature or not?

What do you exactly do?
We create multidisciplinary art projects. We’re mostly focused on interactivity for performing arts and audio-visual music instruments. But we like all crazy ideas that involve technology and art.

I need an interactive installation. Would you do it?

Will you come here to show us what you do?
Sure we will.

Do I have to pay you to come here to show us what you do?


  • giss
  • visual brasil
  • miguel gozalbo
  • d-fried pessics electronics
  • wú::
  • xavier gibert
  • HNiC
  • kashba
  • ricardo cançado
  • Alba sotorra
  • lot amoros
  • taller electronica
  • els luthiers drapaires
  • outliers logo
  • omar alvarez proletari arts
  • neokinok
  • insectotropics
  • Marc Pitarch
  • albert callejo amat
  • david sarsanedas
  • logo playmodes
  • nuria verges
  • oriol pastor