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Born in 1983 in Barcelona . Passionate about music. His first experiences with sound editing was with Impulse Tracker in MS - ​​DOS during school years. At high school discovers the role of VJ with softwares as Motion Dive. Went to university for study Degree in Multimedia Engineering at La Salle ( Ramón Llull). This is where learned how to code in different languages ​​and algorithms and to deal with different softwares. During last years of university was researching on interaction, videomapping, visuals and music where has received knowledge in workshops from national Playmodes, K-Sero, Román Torre, AlbagCorral, Miguel Espada, Alex Posada, Óscar Marín and international figures like Joanie Lemercier, Robert Fazio, Andres Alvarez, Peter Kirn and Codasign. University final project about Audiovisual Mapping and Interaction, 10 grade with distinction.

DJ in Barcelona for Segafredo Lounge, Frame Club, Silk Music Bar and Pessics Electronics sessions.

Performed visuals for bands like The Wutts , Coshida and VJ for many talented DJs like Guy Gerber or Ellen Allien in locals such as City Hall , El Chiringuito de la Marbella , La Terrrazza , Cafe da Madeira, Razzmatazz, Sala Bikini, Essential Mataró, Carpas Chic Sant Cugat, Generator Hostel Barcelona, etc.

Participated in international videomapping festivals like the first edition of Signal Festival 2013 in Prague and Miralab at MiRA festival 2013 in Barcelona.

Co-working in Espai Erre and collaborating with MiRA festival, ZZZINC and Telenoika to organise workshops and events.


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